Our Mission

Northbeam is the new standard for ecommerce intelligence.

We started Northbeam because ecommerce tools couldn't show what was really driving growth. We saw plenty of other companies talking about “all of your data in one place” and “multitouch attribution.” They all lacked both the technology and the methodology to deliver.

We combined state-of-the-art technology and rock-solid methodology. That's Northbeam.

Our team is full of engineers from Stanford, Harvard, and Carnegie Mellon... and people just as skilled who never went to college. They wake up each morning dedicated to helping you make smarter decisions, maximize ROI, and win.

While there are lots of business intelligence tools out there, we focus on ecommerce in a revolutionary way. First-party data is the foundation of Northbeam’s proprietary technology. But we don't just work with first-party data: we augment it. When you use Northbeam, you get richer data sets and more reliable, more accurate insights.

In a rapidly evolving privacy landscape, we've built intelligent attribution models that let you drill into every nuance of your business. That means more accurate analytics, insights, decisions—and ultimately revenue.
Thank you for choosing Northbeam. Let's dig in.

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Austin Harrison

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