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Multi-touch attribution modeling

Multi-touch attribution modeling

Northbeam offers eight sophisticated attribution models to analyze what parts of your marketing funnels and customer journeys drive the most impact.

Modeled view-through data

Our strongest proprietary model uses artificial intelligence to give credit to ads that are viewed - not just clicked - at any point in the customer journey.

Modeled view-through data
Customizable omnichannel reporting

Customizable omnichannel reporting

Northbeam’s pixel pulls in data from all your digital channels and properties, creating comprehensive dashboards that serve as your “single source of truth” for paid media reporting.

Detailed customer journeys

Explore all the various combinations of touchpoints customers took on their path to conversion.

Detailed customer journeys

The new standard in
ecommerce intelligence

Attribution window comparisons

Easily explore how different attribution windows would affect performance reporting across all your channels.

Revenue forecasting

Advanced forecast modeling native to Northbeam allows you to understand how changes in your investment now will influence future performance, all the way down to specific channel spend.

Hourly model refresh

Our machine learning models are updated hourly, allowing for accurate modeling even in the most tumultuous media buying markets.

Dual accounting modes

Northbeam provides two accounting modes to suit your preferences, similar to cash basis versus accrual accounting in corporate finance.

To date, Northbeam has tracked:

> $10 billion

in revenue

> $10 billion

in ad spend

> 4 billion

pageviews annually

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