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Developed by data scientists, media buyers, and marketers with decades of experience scaling brands, Northbeam is more than an ecommerce analytics platform: it's the gold standard for first-party data.

Why Northbeam?

First Party Data Collection

Northbeam’s pixel sits atop all your digital marketing efforts to collect data. Every channel, every touchpoint, every conversion.

Data Mapping, Stitching and Cleaning

Our algorithms connect all your data sources together to create a centralized hub of performance dashboards, tables and data visualizations. Available in-browser, of course.

Modeling and Attribution

Advanced machine learning models run automatically on your data, accurately attributing revenue to ad spend, even across omnichannel customer journeys.

KPIs and Performance Benchmarks

Northbeam reveals which metrics, campaigns and goals are actually driving performance. A clear picture of your path to success.

Grow profitably, faster

Use the Northbeam platform to access the insights you need to maximize ROI on your digital marketing strategies. Spend confidently and grow profitably.

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