We guarantee accuracy, transparency, and education to make you better at marketing.

Northbeam uses the world’s most accurate and robust first-party data to help businesses define, calculate, and track the KPIs and performance benchmarks necessary to grow profitably.

Our mission

Northbeam helps you supercharge your marketing results.

In recent years, marketing has become more challenging and expensive than ever.

Higher numbers of channels, the constantly changing privacy landscape, and complex cross-channel buyer journeys make it nearly impossible for marketers to get an accurate understanding of what campaigns actually drive their business success.

There is a solution.

To help you succeed in modern marketing, we provide you transparent, accurate, high-fidelity data. That way, you can make the right choices to target and efficiently scale your ad spending.

OUR story

We made Northbeam to help you unlock truly efficient growth.

Since our founding in 2019, we’ve pushed the cutting edges of machine learning, attribution modeling, and statistical analysis, forging these concepts together into our industry-leading marketing intelligence platform.

We feel a deep responsibility to the thousands of marketers, executives, and media buyers that trust our data for their daily decision-making. This responsibility inspires everything from our product roadmap to our customer success strategies.

– The Northbeam Team

OUR promise

Grow your business with data you can trust.


You will have access to the most accurate marketing data available. From innovating on device graph modeling and adapting to changing privacy laws, we work tirelessly to ensure your marketing data is laser-accurate.


You will see the hard truth of your ad performance. From our multi-touch attribution to our media mix modeling + tools, you can trust that you’re always getting clear, incisive results.


You’ll be empowered with the right strategies to succeed in the modern marketing era. From our Media Buyer Newsletter to our data review strategy sessions, we are dedicated to disseminating cutting-edge approaches.


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