Introducing MMM+.

Media mix modeling, reimagined for modern commerce and energized by revolutionary machine learning models. Welcome to the future of marketing intelligence.
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MMM+ is your copilot forefficient omnichannel growth.

Quantify upper funnel impact on 
lower funnel performance.

Identify which awareness efforts are driving results.

Stop diminishing returns 
before they start.

Learn which channels are oversaturated and which still have growth potential.

Discover what channels have the biggest impact on your business.

Expand efficiently into new channels, even without extra spend.

Generate incrementality.

Understand your required budget and expected incremental lift – before spending a dime.

Create alignment between finance and marketing.

Budget and plan using a singular forecasted dataset for your entire business

Uncover new opportunities for growth hiding in plain sight.

Our data scientists help you see new strategies for incremental gains.

Tyler Horner

Head of Strategy
Previously worked with Nike

Dan Huang

BS Mathematics and Computer Science, Stanford University

Smarter media mix modeling, guided by experts.

Our experts will help you navigate the budget recommendations, forecasted metrics, and growth opportunities generated by MMM+. Learn from the best.

Get strategies for profitable growth powered by groundbreaking machine learning.

Unlike other media mix models, MMM+ captures complex, non-linear channel interactions and is retrained every week. It’s MMM built for the real world.

Start spending where it counts.

Learn how to master your channel budget mix for maximum efficiency. 

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