Introducing MMM+.

A media mix modeling platform, powered by revolutionary dashboards and bespoke machine learning models.
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Built to make media mix modeling accurate, accessible, and actionable for modern marketers.  

The MMM+ difference:

Forecast incremental gains channel by channel.

Understand how each budget scenario will affect all your channels and funnels – before spending a dime.

Get outputs in an interactive dashboard in-platform.

Go beyond static outputs. MMM+ gives you a visual interface for forecasting, scenario planning, and model evaluation.

See charts designed to inspire decisive action.

Visuals of cost curves, budget scenarios, and forecasts, all designed with marketing leaders in mind.

Leverage flexible forecasting to see how all your KPIs will be affected.

Understand your required budget and expected incremental lift – before spending a dime.

Enjoy monthly white glove strategic support from our experts.

Work with our team to understand your outputs and apply them as quickly as possible. We're here to help.

Trust in the transparency and accuracy of our models.

See the accuracy of your modeling at any time. Trust in your forecasting while evaluating performance.

Amior Schmidt

Staff Data Scientist
Previously worked with Disney, Unilever, RBI, Capital One, AMC Networks

Dan Huang

BS Mathematics and Computer Science, Stanford University

Smarter media mix modeling, guided by experts.

Our experts will help you navigate the budget recommendations, forecasted metrics, and growth opportunities generated by MMM+. Learn from the best.

Get strategies for profitable growth powered by groundbreaking machine learning.

Unlike other media mix models, MMM+ captures complex, non-linear channel interactions and is retrained every week. It’s MMM built for the real world.

Start spending where it counts.

Learn how to master your channel budget mix for maximum efficiency. 

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