Identify your winning creative formula.

Creative Analytics helps you see how all your ads are performing, so you can scale winning iterations while minimizing creative fatigue. All powered by first-party data.
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All your ad creatives and guided metrics at your fingertips.

Northbeam’s streamlined creative cards give you all the metrics and creative content in one visual container. 
Retire that overwhelming spreadsheet.

Filter and sort your creatives on any metric across all channels.

Multiple attribution models combined with powerful search and filter functionality help you identify winning patterns in your creatives. Views can be saved and shared, supporting collaboration across large teams.

Fully integrated with third and first-party data.

Creative Analytics is included in Northbeam at no additional cost and runs on your first-party data. It also includes platform data, giving you a comprehensive view of your creative performance.

Fuel your creative performance.

Discover how Creative Analytics can bring a a whole new perspective to your ad accounts. 

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