Northbeam vs Triple Whale 2023 - Which Universal Attribution Platform Should You Choose?

Measure everything 
Scale everywhere
Not actually grown on mars, of course.

Northbeam offers first-party data, infinite attribution windows, and hourly data cleansing for brands serious about scaling their omni-channel marketing.

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Attribution Features

Triple Whale
Multi-Touch Attribution
Machine Learning
First-Party Data Tracking
Indefinite Attribution window
Hourly Data Cleansing
Data Reviews
Exclusively First-Party Data
WooCommerce Integration
Magento Integration

Northbeam = all your data in one place.

Northbeam’s fully-customizable dashboards, first-party data and modeling, and customer success offerings with media buying experts makes Northbeam the ultimate universal attribution platform. If you need to make accurate, powerful data-driven decisions, you need Northbeam.

Triple Whale

Triple Whale is known for helping smaller Shopify ecommerce stores that are just starting attribution and are looking for a high-level view of their data.

What makes Northbeam different?

It’s the definitive universal attribution platform.

Deeper Dashboards

Northbeam provides fully customizable dashboards that allow you to filter, sort and organize your data.

Exclusively first-party

Northbeam doesn't leverage 3rd-party platform data or modeling, so you can trust your data is accurate.

Hands-on support

Northbeam customers have regular data reviews with our dedicated media buying experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Switch from
Triple Whale to Northbeam?

The two platforms don’t block each other, so you can switch to Northbeam easily. Chat with our team to discuss what this looks like for you.

Which Is More Accurate: Northbeam Or Triple Whale?

Attribution is never a perfect science. With Northbeam, you can trust that you have bespoke machine learning models designed by marketers, for marketers. Northbeam’s attribution data is trusted by hundreds of brands who base billions of dollars of ad spend on our data.

Is Northbeam A
Triple Whale competitor?

Northbeam’s mission is to help data-driven brands make sense of their data in order to scale profitably. Many platforms offer analytics and attribution solutions, but Northbeam’s unique approach to modeling and attention to detail make Northbeam stand out from the competition.

Is Northbeam a good
alternative to Triple Whale?

Many Triple Whale alternatives exist. Northbeam is a great solution for brands serious about data-driven marketing. If you have (or want to have) a high level of data literacy and data-driven decision making around your marketing, Northbeam is the perfect solution.

What is the best attribution tool Northbeam or Triple Whale?

Defining the “best” attribution is challenging, as no attribution tool is perfectly accurate. However, Northbeam’s data science engine and machine learning modeling is constantly learning and retraining on your data so you can ensure you have constantly-improving attribution every day.

Which is better:
Northbeam or Triple Whale?

Northbeam’s high-powered dashboards, machine learning, and hands-on customer support make Northbeam a strong choice for any brand looking to level up their digital marketing.  With Northbeam you can guarantee you have one of the strongest marketing attribution and analytics tools available.