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We created the Northbeam Certified Experts program to empower freelancers, agencies and other operators like you. Become a Northbeam Certified Expert and empower your clients with the insights they need to scale profitably.

Why become a Northbeam Certified Expert?

Level up your services

Northbeam's best-in-class analytics tools will differentiate you as a partner on the cutting edge.

Scale your clients profitably

No matter the industry, brand or channels, you can trust that Northbeam will uncover actionable insights for you and your clients.

Sales, onboarding and customer success

Need help selling a client on Northbeam? You're never on your own. We provide world-class support every step of the way.

Comprehensive education

Through live training, a thorough knowledge base and round-the-clock support, your team will master Northbeam effortlessly.

Mutual growth opportunities

Northbeam is committed to helping us grow together through tailored lead sharing, co-marketing, sponsorships and more.

Revenue share and discounts

Provide your clients with exclusive discounts, plus get rewarded for each new customer you refer. It's a win-win.

Zach Stuck

"Understanding attribution after the iOS 14.5 update was a nightmare. At Homestead we tried every tool under the sun and after months of due diligence we found that Northbeam was the best attribution tool on the market. Being able to properly understand what's working by channel is the lifeblood of any DTC growth marketer. Thanks to Northbeam's tech and data-stitching abilities we have full confidence again in what channels and campaigns we're scaling."

Zach Stuck, Founder of Homestead

Empower your clients with insights for profitable growth

Become a Northbeam Certified Expert.

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