The Northbeam
Origin Story.

If you’re reading this, we likely have something in common: We’ve both seen far too much marketing budget wasted on initiatives and campaigns that don’t yield meaningful results - especially in the ecommerce space.

My co-founder and I, Dan Huang, knew that modern ecommerce marketers needed a better solution. And with a quickly evolving ecommerce landscape, finding that solution was more urgent than ever. That’s why we knew we had to build Northbeam.

We quickly assembled a team of data scientists and engineers, media buyers, and seasoned marketers to build an ad attribution platform from the ground up. We based our attribution solution on three core pillars: First-party data collection, powered by machine learning, analyzed via custom attribution models. We call this groundbreaking approach Universal Attribution, and it’s driving today’s revolution in efficient, profitable marketing.

As the ecommerce industry collectively steps into this new world of data, technology, and consumer behaviors, Northbeam is the secret weapon for  all brands that want to succeed in this ever-changing environment.

Austin Harrison

Austin Harrison

CEO, Northbeam

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