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5 Reasons Why Northbeam is the Perfect Tool for Performance Marketing Agencies

January 29, 2024

Operating a Agency can be a Sisyphean task, to say the least.

From dealing with needy clients, validating ad performance, navigating privacy updates , and even just agreeing on attribution models— Agencies are punching far above their weight class when it comes to work load.

This reminds me of one of my favorite legends from Greek mythology. According to the Greek myth, Sisyphus is condemned to roll a rock up to the top of a mountain, only to have the rock roll back down to the bottom every time he reaches the top.

This is similar to the tasks agency operators face in 2024. Supporting a client for the long term can be an endless journey of blood, sweat, and tears.

We see Agencies make or break DTC brands all the time, the last thing they need to worry about is having accurate data. That’s where we come in.

Here's five reasons why Northbeam is the perfect tool to help your agency overcome the Sisyphean cycle.

Northbeam has infinite lookback windows and is unaffected by third-party cookie deprecation.

With the deprecation of third-party bookies in 2024 by Google and Yahoo, Northbeam becomes even more important to agencies and brands. We are 100% reliant on first party data, use DNS level tracking, and built our identity resolution in-house. This enables us to be unaffected by third party cookie changes and maintain full visibility on your customer’s journeys.

When advertising on paid social channels like Meta and TikTok, many agencies face the challenge of getting budget approval for top of funnel spend. Most DTC brand operators are still stuck in their ways with last click attribution are laggards when it comes to top of funnel spend… Makes sense as they see hardly any conversions on a last click basis in Shopify or GA4.

Northbeam provides an infinite attribution window and models built to emphasize intent from top of funnel. These both fuel your signal to optimize for new customer acquisition and ultimately scale your clients business. We see brands with flat growth consistently pivot to top of funnel strategies when onboarding with one of our expert Northbeam agencies.

Flexible payback and conversion lookback timeframes.

Understanding CAC payback periods are crucial for scaling DTC brands. In a world bloated with metrics around CTRs, CPMs, and even ROAS — when you boil it down to necessity the most important metric is CAC/LTV.

Northbeam measures "conversion lag," defined as how long your ad clicks continue to drive revenue. We see for high AOV brands that often times 30-50% of customers were in the funnel for more than 90 days before ultimately converting.

We enable you to look forward and forecast campaign performance down to the ad level, or in hindsight to set benchmarks. Both of these are dynamically calculated throughout the day to ensure you can be as competitive in the auction to achieve key KPIs.

We have brands spending $120 million annually with a CAC payback period of 12 months. With Northbeam they learned that all they need on Meta to be profitable is a .51 ROAS on a 1DC to achieve their lofty business targets of profitable growth.

Creativity is the alpha and the omega. Are you prepared?


The two most common reasons for flat growth are low new customer acquistion acquisition and creative fatigue.

Northbeam’s Creative Analytics allows our agency partners to rapidly scale creative testing with new hooks, angles, and ad types. We also partner with best in class Creative tools like Motion to power creative testing workflows with first-party data.

Ultimately, Creative let’s you reach new audiences. Northbeam enriches your creative with powerful metrics like New Visit %, or even new vs returning data to make sure you're prospecting.

Alignment doesn't necessarily equal client retention.

Let’s face it. DTC operators are always going to be skeptical of the massive amount they are spending. Pair that with your agency retainer and you are bound to get a lot of heat from your clients on performance.

With Northbeam we enable you to turn your weekly/daily reporting into an integral part of your agency workflows. Save an unlimited amount of prepared views to make a CEO specific overview page, or paid social dashboard.

When a brand and agency are both optimizing on the same data, exciting growth happens. When both teams are using different data (cough cough… GA, platform data, AND MTA) then its bound to cause some problems in retaining clients

Customer journeys made easy and actionable.

Consumers have and always have bought products from where they spend their time. The problem is that today there is so many different places a consumer can buy from your brand.

From the numerous social platforms, TV, Google, Direct Mail, podcast, and good ol’ fashioned brick and mortar, consumers engage with brands in several different places before ultimately converting.

Northbeam highlights the customer journey at the order level, the customer level, across all customer paths, and even at the campaign level.

This means you can see every customer journey even for specific campaigns.

My favorite use case is understanding how Meta and Google interact with each other. Identifying where your brand search clicks are coming from is key to understand view through attribution, and continue to justify top of funnel spend.

Northbeam helps our agency partners retain their clients.

Our goal is to make sure that having accurate data is the last thing you have to worry about when operating your agency.

We take a hands on approach with our agency partners:

  • Agency wide trainings
  • Monthly Strategy calls
  • Dedicated Slack Channels
  • Industry insights + benchmarks

Our top goal is to make sure you are able to retain your clients by achieving KPIs with the most accurate attribution data.

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