What is Marketing Intelligence Software?

Lior Torenberg
June 27, 2024

Northbeam has been called everything in the book: a marketing analytics platform, an MTA tool, an attribution platform, an ecommerce analytics platform, a data tool, and about a million other phrases. While none of these titles are untrue, we prefer the term “marketing intelligence” to capture our breadth of features and functionalities 

As the marketing landscape shifts and grows, a new need arises for platforms that will synthesize multiple data points and sources together to derive not just information but intelligence: actionable insights. These platforms are catching on with sophisticated marketers that are tired of ever-expanding spreadsheets and platform analytics. 

But what exactly is marketing intelligence? 

Marketing intelligence defined

The phrase “marketing intelligence” refers to a robust and comprehensive system that gathers, processes, and analyzes all the data relevant to your marketing activities. These platforms then use that data to provide intelligence to help you make informed decisions and optimize your marketing strategy. 

The key components of a marketing intelligence platform are as follows:

  • Data collection and integration 
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Attribution modeling
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Customer insights
  • Optimization recommendations

Data collection and integration

Marketing intelligence platforms should ideally be able to integrate with all of your data sources so you can view information on all of your campaigns in one place. They aggregate data across social media, email campaigns, ads, website analytics, e-commerce platforms, and beyond to provide you with a unified picture of performance and a holistic view of your marketing activity. 

Analytics and reporting

Marketing intelligence platforms provide tools to not just ingest this data but view it in a productive and actionable way. Proper analytics and reporting help you understand the effectiveness of different channels, campaigns, and strategies so you can adjust accordingly in real-time. 

The most sophisticated platforms will also offer a layer of customizability so you can see the data you want to see how you want to see it, and create unique reports for different teams and teammates across your organization depending on their needs. 

Attribution modeling

Marketing intelligence platforms should offer powerful attribution modeling beyond first- and last-touch. Tools like multi-touch attribution (MTA), media mix modeling (MMM), incrementality, and others contribute to the full picture of attribution so you can understand what is driving successful outcomes, and just as importantly, what isn’t. 

Real-time monitoring

Customer preferences and behavior shift so quickly that it’s critical to get the data you need now, not next month. The best marketing intelligence platforms can process and display data on a near-real-time basis, making sure that you’re always up to speed on progress and performance so you can make the best decisions in the moment, when it matters. 

Customer insights

Tailored customer insights help you understand the who, what, when, where, how, and why of your customer behavior. Detailed analytics can show you where your customers are coming from and every touch they make along their way to a purchase. They’ll let you break down performance by new and returning customers, and about a million other ways too, depending on what you want to know. 

Optimization recommendations

Look for a marketing intelligence platform that doesn’t just ingest and surface data, but shows you exactly what to do with it. These platforms should have a seamless user experience and an intuitive way of surfacing insights that makes sure that the right action is the clearest path forward. Whether that’s with in-platform recommendations, an expert account manager at your side, or both, you should feel supported in making the most of your data for powerful decision-making. The most mature platforms will help you do that. 

Learn more about marketing intelligence

While many platforms exist today that will help you do more with your marketing data, not all of them can be accurately classified as marketing intelligence platforms. While the category is new, the functionality is anything but: marketing intelligence aims to provide you with the best data so you can make the best decisions with ease.

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