How The Oodie Tracks the Metrics That Matter with Northbeam

Lior Torenberg
June 18, 2024

The Oodie started with the wearable blanket. Now it's on a mission to make the most snuggly, cuddly, and softer-than-soft comfort wear in the world. It’s the top-rated wearable blanket in the world, but it’s also home to other cozy wearables, from sleepwear to beach outfits to pet accessories and beyond. .

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In 2022, The Oodie brought on Northbeam as their marketing intelligence platform to help them grow in key markets and mature their marketing data. 

We spoke to Sigrid Lundborg, The Oodie’s Head of Paid Media, about how her Northbeam usage has evolved and what value she gets out of having accurate, first-party data at her fingertips. 

Why Northbeam?

There comes a time in every company’s life when they need better data to unlock better decision-making. That time for The Oodie was March 2022. 

“We were looking for a partner with a more advanced attribution tool that leverages first-party data to provide deeper insights into the customer journey,” Sigrid said. “Given the rapidly-changing landscape, having a solution that is effective both now and in the future is extremely compelling.”

“Northbeam gives us that holistic view over our acquisition efforts. It helps us really understand what impact these channels are driving and the near-real-time data gives us the ability to pivot and scale fast and hard with data that we can trust.”

The metrics that matter

Sigrid spends a lot of time focusing on new versus returning customer metrics. 

“Aside from metrics like CAC and ROAS, being able to fully analyze our percentage of new visits and what customers are being driven from which platforms from a first time or returning perspective has enabled us to evolve our strategy greatly.” 

When she’s not doing incrementality testing, that is. 

“As a paid team, we’re really looking to level up our sophistication in terms of performance metrics. So we’re digging into understanding the incremental value and what that means for what marketing is doing so we can maximize our efforts.” 

“We’re currently conducting a lot of incrementality tests,” Sigrid said. “This helps us look at the campaign level to understand what’s really happening and what activities are actually driving incremental value. Is it a sale? Is it a new product launch? Or is it business as usual?” 

The Oodie goes global

Breaking into a new market is tricky — Sigrid and her team would know. They manage The Oodie’s paid media around the world, from Australia to New Zealand all the way to Europe, the United Kingdom, The United States, and Canada. 

“It’s quite a few markets, and they’re all at a different stage of their life cycle in terms of market penetration,” Sigrid said. “Some are quite mature and others have different brand awareness levels. We do need to tailor our approach somewhat and Northbeam has been a big help.” 

“With Northbeam, we can have that comprehensive view across the customer journey and understand all the different touchpoints and channels and what’s happening in each, because what happens in one market doesn’t necessarily happen in another market. They’re all quite unique.”  

“We test different channels and find that they do have different uptakes in different markets, probably because those platforms themselves have different penetration across different markets. Which is all quite interesting. Different products and designs also perform differently across geographies.”

Customer service you can rely on

Aside from trustworthy data she can use to unlock decision making, Sigrid cited customer service as one of Northbeam’s main selling points. 

“The team has been phenomenal in their support and aligning with our goals to ensure that we’re using Northbeam to its full potential,” Sigrid said. “They’re very efficient at answering any questions that we have, and they’re always open to assisting with any data pulls or reports.” 

“Northbeam has former media buyers supporting us, which makes it much easier to gain actionable insights and view the data in new and interesting ways. Their expertise helps us interpret metrics and trends, allowing us to make more informed decisions.”

“It feels like Northbeam is an extension of our team, in a way,” Sigrid said. “I feel really confident asking them any questions that we might have, or even just asking for their views or opinions on some of our reports or approaches. Having a team that is so knowledgeable in this space has been a massive benefit.”

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